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DohaSearch.com has certain Ad posting rules/policies, which needs to be followed:

Duplicate Ad listings: Any ad posted more than once with the same content or Title in the same city and category would be considered as a Duplicate Ad.
Inappropriate Content:
Do not use Irrelevant/Gibberish/Vague Titles or Description
Links to other Websites, Social Media and/or Email Addresses are not allowed.
Only Verified Phone number can be mentioned. Non-registered Numbers are not allowed in title, description or an image.
Inappropriate Picture: Do not include obscene, fake or human images. Kindly note, an account can also be blocked depending upon the severity of the case.
Stock/Internet Images: Ads having fake, generic and competitor images are not permitted. We advise you to post real images of the item for sale.
Prohibited Items:
Sexually oriented material: Ads relating to products intended for use in sexual activity are not permitted. Also, refrain from using a title with graphic adult language, regardless of the item.
Local posting: All offerings to be in Qatar. Ads posted using foreign IP(s) or containing a foreign number(s) are not permitted. Importantly, an account should only correspond to one phone number. Multiple phone numbers are strictly prohibited. Competitor Ads are not allowed.
Misleading Item/Service: Misrepresentation of Ad offer/content is not permitted.
Multiple Products: Selling multiple items or service is not allowed in an Ad. Please post a new Ad for every item/service with proper Title, good Description, appropriate Price & clear Pictures.
Individual Financing: Financing is not allowed unless represented by a Reputable /
Addition of new Product: After posting an Ad, it is not allowed to add new Item or Service. Kindly post a new Ad with proper Title, good Description, appropriate Price & clear pictures.
Advance payment: DohaSearch.comstrives very hard to maintain a safe and secure community. Any kind of advance payment is prohibited.
Wildlife: DohaSearch.comallows only those Animals which are in accordance to the Provincial Wildlife Regulations.
For more details, please visit Items not allowed on DohaSearch.compage.

Relevant Category: Kindly post Ads in respective category of the item or service being sold.
Multiple Accounts: DohaSearch.comdoes not allow multiple accounts to be created on one single phone number. You can only create one account on one phone number. If you try to create a new account, it will not get through and new account creation will be restricted.
Ad duration: An Ad posted on DohaSearch.comstays active for 30 days if it complies with our Terms of Use. The user is not allowed to post the same ad upon deletion until 30 days after the date of posting.
Free Ad Limit: DohaSearch.comis committed to expand its User's experience and to further make our platform a healthier place for Buyer & Seller interaction.
Important: All items or Service being sold should be legal and allowed as per Government of Qatar.


Above Rules are subject to change
Always make sure that your item or service being posted or any utilization of DohaSearch.complatform is adhering to DohaSearch.comTerms of Use

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